Dooley-O and Tank (Footage).

Dooley-O Uses IronLak Paint from #NHV Music Scene on Vimeo. Music by Dooley-O.

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Where this video belongs (link)
IronLak FILMS, who had absolutely nothing to do with the making of this video other than I intentionally designed it to look like one of their commercials. This came about because local DJ Dooley-O decided to give me a heads up about a graffiti spot he would be painting. He saw me downtown and said, "I'd like it if you could come out with the camera, we're going to be out there painting all day probably starting at noon."

That's what I did. I brought my camera, watched the sunlight shine in different ways across this nice brick wall. Clouds were flying by quickly and it was pretty much a really nice day. I had a phone conversation while I was filming; with Jules Muck, over in L.A. who was trying to come up with ways to utilize the skills that I've been developing with social media.

Anyway, when I asked Dooley-o Jackson what kind of video he wanted, he said that he would prefer something that looked like it belonged on the IronLak website. So I checked out some of the videos on their website, looked at the font, and put together this video by using a masking technique that i found by googling "text mask" and discovering a video from AdobeTV on this exact subject.

The music which is highly recommended is an instrumental from the DJ Dooley-O record "OG Status" which means "Orange Guy" because the guy really likes the color orange.

Check out the materials. And think about painting something this summer.