Zine Business Model (Strategy)

The business model for the zine is that the back page ad amount accounts for the cost of the printing. Therefore if NEBCo decides that they want to throw down $300 for the first backpage ad (includes that fact that i designed the ad for them, which in most cases to hire a design firm to make an ad would be about as much), that number relates / translates to how much we give you to print, and you can decide how many copies that translates into. If they want to throw down $500, that's how much we give you, and so that back page ad amount is flexible to the will of the advertiser, but it determines the range of syndication that the local scene publication gets once it goes to print -- keeping in mind that the printed copy is really a novelty item -- the zine itself is already available as a PDF on the home page. How this benefits me is that it will bring me web traffic. it benefits the brewery in that there's a 50% chance that the booklet might be sitting on a bar somewhere with the back page up, and it benefits the local scene because more people will be exposed to the talent and personality (and music and filmwork) of all of the local bands that we presently see. 

My overall goal is to get more people into new haven from the suburbs to see local bands / live bands perform, in that there will be more attendance of shows and all of that. It could also attract new people to new haven from different towns, the same way that my other project, nhv.org (more of a daytime operation than the night life / local scene project) seeks to represent.