Featured Show this Weekend: Consider the Source with The Mushroom Cloud, Polluter

SATURDAY NIGHT - Pacific Standard Tavern
Our featured event this weekend is Polluter, The Mushroom Cloud, and Consider the Source. Here are a sample of some of their sounds:

Polluter: "Spy Hunter":

The Mushroom Cloud: "Sweet Dreams":

Consider the Source: "This Dubious Honor":
Three Musicians converging on an epic plateau of sound and reflex. Three conscious minds communicating on sub-conscious levels. New York City’s CONSIDER THE SOURCE is the fourth voice, produced only when the trio’s three musicians combine forces to fearlessly share their inner most distinct musical styles with each other.

Toting the loaded description Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Funk, their sound is a melting pot of Middle Eastern scales, psychedelic jams, and a hard rocking rhythm section. Featuring Gabriel Marin on Fret-Less Double Neck Guitar, John Ferrara on Bass, and Justin Ahiyon on Drums/Percussion, the three musicians cite their influences as including The Bad Plus, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson and Tool—but a major source of their musical power can be attributed to a trip the band took to India, where they studied the complex tala (rhythm) of North India, and the micro-tonal scale structure and melodic ornamentations of South India. Guitarist Gabriel Marin, recently highlighted in GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE says, “Our music combines influences from Turkish, Bulgarian, North and South Indian styles with jazz and fusion, and then we filter it through our own heavy rock and psychedelic sounds and approaches.”

Opening are The Mushroom Cloud, as well as New Haven's own Polluter. The event takes place Saturday night at Pacific Standard Tavern (212 Crown St.)

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