Sinatra Returns to Three Sheets

Nearly 600 shares later on a Facebook post, Three Sheets got back their Sinatra. A piece of art at the establishment went missing the other night, and was miraculously returned through a process of crowd-sourcing and sharing the missing image.

This post appeared mid-day on the ThreeSheets page:

"Dear FB friends, apparently this guy and his friends think it's ok to steal artwork off of the walls of our bar. We love hosting local artists and their work at the bar but if people can't be respectful of it we may not be able to continue. Any info on who they are would be appreciated."

Just a few hours later, It made it All the Way back:

"Frank has been returned. Amends were made. Thanks to everyone who shared the earlier posts. I am certain that this would not have happened without your help. You guys are great. Thank You. BTW, the offending party was very remorseful and sincere in his apology."

Connect with Three Sheets and get down with local art. Just don't take any home!