Friday (Tomorrow): Western Estates EP Release

Western Estates Plays on Fri Dec. 2 - EP Release

If you've noticed the posters on every corner, coffeeshop, and bulletin board throughout downtown New Haven, then you're probably aware that new music group Western Estates is releasing their first EP "Me First" on Friday, December 2nd at Lyric Hall in Westville, and you really ought to be there.

They'll be also presenting a new stopmotion, hand-drawn fully animated music video for their song "You First" which will be incredible.

Included in the experience are these other performers:
It's really worth it to follow those links!


Blast from the past...


Pete Whitney - BASS/VOX,
Joey Maddalena - ORGAN/VOX,
Scott N. Amore - DRUMS

 Recorded in 1998-99

Right-Offs are Right On

One of the most high energy performances at Cafe Nine in recent memory, the Right-Offs played a few tunes for the good people of New Haven. Fronted by visionary leader Max Loignon, the group brings something you don't always hear on the radio: actually good music.

If you're looking for something new to listen to, really look no further because hey we got their album embedded right below. Enjoy, kids. And stay tuned for more from your Local Scene.

Elm City Vintage: Death Star Sphere of Sprockets

One of the more entertaining things out there you're ever going to watch.

Via Elm City Vintage.

Tonight at Cafe Nine

Ceschi - "This Won't Last Forever"

Kind of a happy Mother's Day from Ceschi.

Local Guy Struggles to Lay Low

Local Guy struggles to stay out of pictures. 
Captioned "Mixed Bag?" in a Paul Bass photo, one local man struggles to "lay low" as he finds himself the banner headline photo of a recent article about Yale and a recent tax debate.

"I have nothing to do with Yale or taxes," he'd probably say. "Why am I in the headline photo for this article?"

I guess we'll never know. He's even actively trying to do his best to hide his face in the picture, by placing his hood as far over his head as possible on what appear to be a completely sunny day. The office he's walking past (433 Temple) is the Yale Office of City and State affairs. This recent debate about taxes has affected no one more than Moody.

"Ever since this happened, my friends have been reposting, you know, tongue in cheek about it," he'd most likely say. "But when the Music Scene writes a satirical article, that's where it's gone too far."