New From @RealSpacePirate: Nobel Dylan

Recently, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and local New Haven remix artist Space Pirate determined that the best thing to do was to produce a mash-up of various Bob Dylan songs. With the assistance of Dylan aficionado Andrew from Jitter Bus, ten Dylan songs were mentioned as being sample-worthy:

  • Mozambique
  • Romance in Durango
  • Black Diamond Bay
  • Most Likely You Go Your Way
  • Tombstone Blues
  • Sweetheart Like You
  • Ballad of A Thin Man
  • Stuck inside Mobile
  • Temporary Achilles
However, due to that all of these songs were drastically different, the only song on this list that really got sampled was "Most Likely You Go Your Way," which also has a pretty awesome music video:

So the most part of the beat came from that song. There are two main samples being utilized in the foreground of Dylan's voice. One is from an interview that he did with a Time Magazine reporter (hence the album cover style) where he says some really funny stuff, such as recommending that the reporter take a picture of a "tramp vomiting into a sewer, across from a Rockefeller." That sort of thing. To listen to the entire time magazine. Here's that interview:

The other audio in the mashup song by SpacePirate is a poem that Dylan wrote and recited to a crowd about Woodie Guthrie. That content is here.
So, happy birthday Andrew. Here's your Bob Dylan Mash-Up. It wasn't what we were all expecting, but neither is Bob Dylan so perhaps that's actually appropriate.

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