Coming Up: August 14th at CafeNine

For you and your friends. A Jose Oyola Teeshirt. He's playing with his band, the Astronauts, at Cafe Nine at 250 State Street on August 14th at 8pm (21+) so be there to also hear music from Ceschi and "Not Blood Paint" as well as "The Little Books." There will be music. And his music is really good. You can find lots of stuff about Jose Oyola here on the NHVMusic blog, by perhaps clicking here for everything he's ever done, just about, in his career (unless we've somehow missed something).

Music scene in New Haven is vibrant and you can expect to get your video posted here on this channel, with all the other local artists and musicians doing their best to create an exciting existence for themselves and their audience.

Much more to be aware of, here in New Haven.
You can also go check them and make sure they're good at Cafe Nine. Get their Teeshirt!

Jose Oyola and the Astronauts are all over the place. 
Go and check em out at Cafe Nine on August 14th with Ceschi.