Salt N Pepa on the Green (Video)

Jam-Packed crowd on the New Haven Green last night for the 90's-acclaimed Rap group Salt N Pepa, who performed such hits for the crowd as "Push It," "Whadda Man" of course, "Shoop."

We got some crowd footage, and tried to get the cops to dance (but they wouldn't, although one guy laughed a little. What was the best thing about it? Really, the diversity of people enjoying the music. People of all ages. Folks from all kinds of backgrounds. We asked a bunch of people why they came, and what they enjoyed about it. Watch the videos to hear what they had to say.

One video (the top) features the ambient music of DJ Shadow from 1994. The other shorter instagram video was produced this morning in order to promote the upcoming 2:26 video which was released this evening.

Stay tuned to this channel because you're going to learn a whole lot about what the Music Scene in New Haven is all about!