Home Town Band with Killer Sound.

True Blues

Last night True Blues played at the Dark Room, located at 433 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT. 

The night was filled with great bands from around the area, I, however  didn't get a chance to  hear all of the great sounds but I did get to witness True Blues in all their glory.

True Blues is a collaborated effort of front man Tyler Smith, drummer Justin O'Neil, guitarist Brian Verrelli and filling in on bass The band  recently released their EP "Stranger". The songs take you on a melodic journey mixed  with class rock riffs, awesome dance beats and even some classic head banger rhythms.  

Their songs translate perfectly in a live setting , the dark moody lights and  make shift stage area brought back  reminiscing feelings of the old CBGBs and the underground  basement scene in what is now called Williamsburg.    

"I love being from Connecticut, I love living in New Haven - I live right down the street from here, but I got this fear and loathing," front man Tyler Smith mentioned before playing one of the best songs, in my opinion:  "Fear and Loathing in Connecticut." 

I think this captured everyone's mood and feeling of wanting more from this little nutmeg state.  This audience member understands that some times music is the escape from a place you wish was better and striving to improvement, with the goal of less loathing and only a little fear. 

Their band site is  http://thesearetheblues.com/
Booking information - truebluesrock@gmail.com

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Make sure to contact John Flynn  at darkroomct@gmail.com 
Julius L. Stone Jr. hails from New Haven.
He is a contributing writer to Nhv.Org and this site.