Next Beat Generation (Preview)

This remix is truer to the "Greetings" formula for remixing. This is not going to be indicative of the style that the rest of the album is bound to have. But it's fun.

The Beat Generation, a spoken word poetry movement in the 1960's, didn't exactly share the stage with the musicians these poets were associated with. The styles are remarkable aligned, which is not surprising because each were products of the same movement in the same era.

DJ and Producer @RealSpacePirate has chosen to blend the sounds of jazz and the music of that time period with an album of spoken word poetry performed by beat poet Jack Kerouac. It's been found that the way that he uses language sometimes synchronizes with music almost perfectly.

This album will combine Kerouac's spoken word style with the music of Parker, Mingus, Monk, and other legendary greats whom Kerouac would often visit the live performances of, and also write about.