Emmanuelle's New DinoWalrus Video

Parental Guideline:  Partial Nudity, Weird Themes

Created by Emmanuelle Pickett, who I have the rare journalistic opportunity of knowing as a student of life in the world.  This video was filmed someplace on a beach, as evidenced by all the sand and the water.  It was shot using not just great equipment but great brains, and weird brains with all the sand in the face, but no Bad Brains, that's another band.

As far as reviews go, for music videos, this is a good one.  The person is asleep, perhaps from some drug-induced binge which led him to his resting spot on the ocean with all his clothes.  This reminds him to remove all his clothes and immediately jump into the ocean, where there are birds.  A stick is not necessary for walking, but it's safe that she is running with leaves, instead of branches.

But she sure is running.  I'm not sure if it's towards or away.  I'm assuming towards the mud.  She was probably running to catch up with her mate, who woke up on the beach earlier.  Assuming that they have some form of nonverbal communication going on, by hiding behind nature to reveal their animal-like behaviors.  The sunlight is authentic.  Good choice of lenses.

The Animals appear real.  Not sure how Emmy got so many animals.  But the running scenes makes it seem like a real 80's Marathon.  The 80's were hardly long enough to satisfy us for just a decade.  We may have to expand on the concept of the 80's for many decades.

Swimming is important.  This video makes me want to go on vacation and have very little verbal communication besides singing to a camera.  Even horses can sing.  That is the message.  I think we have some partial nudity on this one.  I'm hoping that Wild Abandon takes on making a music video for the band HorsePuppy.