Wifi Codes in New Haven

Coffee Shops
Claires: FREE
Willoughbys: FREE
Jojo's espresso
MaisonMathis: maisonmathis
Book Trader: open sesame

Cafe Ninerockandroll
BARCADE: orange56
Ordinary: newhaven
Firehouse 12: firehousebar
ThreeSheets: no password
Rudys: rudysweb

Owl Shop: Robusto! (cPu) or Robusta! (iOs)

Miyas: wabisabi

Want to Include...?

Elm City Market
Anna Liffey's
Gourmet Heaven
Edge of the Woods

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If you live across the street from Mamouns, please do not tell them you get your wifi code from here.
(if they ask)

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