Friday 6/5 @ThreeSheetsNH: Solid Action Presents 8:00pm / 21+ / FREE

Brooklyn and New Haven bands (and one from New London) converge at ThreeSheets this Friday for some of the best performances you've heard in a while.

A six piece of some of NHV's finest musicians, fronted by in-earnest maniac Jimi Patterson. Sounds cultivated from the distant faded post cards of your 80's fantasies: Dream pop meets Robocop. Futurism and authentic hooks augmented by pure passion. More honest than gospel. Rejoice and prepare to come to the now.

Shelter Dogs is a musically omnivorous pan-pop entity. Shelter Dogs is 21st-century chamber music arranged for garage rock band. Shelter Dogs is a sonic place where people of like mind may gather and say, "Yeah." Shelter Dogs is the proper reaction to our circumstances.

Straight to VHS is an energy all its own; jittery and hook-clustered with driving melodicsm - all contained, like test-tube'd plague, inside punchy two- and three-minute rock songs. We eat pieces of sh*t like you for breakfast.

Slim Wray is a bombastic, irreverent rock 'n roll band founded on the back of thunderous drums and gritty, fuzz-fueled guitar riffs. Recalling blue-eyed soul classics such as The Sonics, The Animals, and The Kinks, Slim Wray powers things into the modern era with heart-pounding energy, visceral vocals and an energetic live presence.

Solid Action Presents
8:00pm / 21+ / FREE

Here's a song from If Jesus Had Machine Guns.

Every time I hear your name, 
I heard it before exactly the same, tonight. 

Searching for truth with someone else, 
A pretty girl broke my heart, 
And theres nothing to tell, tonight. 

Show me what's real inside your heart, 
I'm not the guy to pick you a part, tonight. 

I miss ya, I miss ya, I miss ya much more, 
But I know that you don't care anymore, 
About the things that we used to do, 
About everything that I did to you, 

Oh, baby, don't fade away, x2 

I miss when you used to call my name, 
I hear it in my thoughts, 
Im going insane tonight! 

Taking all my shit from your heart, 
I'll do it all over again from the start! 
Every single word you said to me after so long? x5