Montgomery Tea - Captain King

This is one of the best solo rap albums to come out locally in a really long time. The introductory track, All Around the World, is a 5-minute instrumental aetherial track with a good beat and a outerspace sound reminiscent of perhaps M83 or Massive Attack, for example. The first lyrical track, "I Guess" contains some very personal narrative storytelling that gets you into the life of Captain King, who grew up in New Haven and still lives here.

The beats are almost reminiscent of dubstep in the sense that they're accentuated and distorted with echo-splash snares, to a hip-hop rhythm. Some of these tracks have a lot of listens. 720 currently for "Ride" at the end, so it's getting a fair amount of exposure in the world. Give it a chance and listen to it. You'll be impressed by the talent of local musicians like Tea Montgomery, Captain King.

Explicit Lyrics: YES