Out of Town with Jimmy Day

Here is Jim.  He is what he is.  And that's a legend.  People who might know Jim would be RZA from the Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, the Rolling Stones...  The man in the turban at the show is in all of their memories.

Jim designed the lighting and sound system for Toad's Place, finding parts for dirt cheap in a pile of crap.  That's what he's good at.  And Man, is there a lot you can learn from Jim.

In this episode, Jim takes me to the City and we remove a van's worth of pipe organ parts from a storefront in the Bronx with no sign.  Who knows...  Maybe it was written into his pension.

The guy who owned it?  Dale.  Some old train conductor who worked for the MTA.  I wanted his hat, the whole time.  Bad.  Don't suppose he had a spare of those?

We weren't out to clean the guy out.  The goal here was to help him keep the stuff in a safer place.  After a few weeks of break-ins, from people including his landlord and superintendent, he noticed that the stuff was getting damaged and he needed to get it out of there.  As a gesture to the pipe organ community, he gave his parts to Jimmy Day, who dragged me down to the city so I could lug those big boxes full of lead onto his truck.

Jim didn't realize that I was injured.  I don't tell anybody about that.  Yet still I'm able to pick up the massive box, mainly because I can't let him down.  I have to succeed getting this massive box onto his truck.  Could you imagine how tough it was, lifting the top one above my head to slide it into its spot on the top of the truck?  Not easy, to say the least.

I write this as I'm waiting for the video to load.  19 minutes, 21% done.
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