A Daggett Street Synopsis

Daggett Street, the premiere New Haven derelict and artist loft, now has a standing agreement with the NHPD which now will allow law enforcement to roam the corridors and hallways freely to remove trespassers. Daggett Street, known for years as a marginal and perhaps "Parent-Free" zone for experimentation in both music, art, and often substance use (which historically has gone hand in hand in human society and culture) still exists, and has attracted law enforcement with commonplace raids and complaints from residents about theft, violence, and robberies.

There is still room for an art environment which is safely removed from the mainstream; marginalization in society is commonly associated with class inequality and antisocial tendencies that emerge from social instability could be considered the catalyst for everything from punk rock to hardcore rap. The ambience of Daggett Street is difficult to palpate without actually roaming the halls amid its many red doors, exploring the interiors and discovering what kind of madness resides inside each.

There is news that the place may be getting some actual art oriented residents. Local legend Silas Finch and perhaps others might migrate or return when the studios above the night club formerly known as "Gotham" close permanently as the building goes under renovation in a year.