New Video From Dooley-O

They almost got the right MTV video info font at the beginning. The correct one is called "Kabel." They have a Jesus Piece. That's a gold chain in the image of Jesus, a Christian deity.

This is a song about the dangers of wearing the image of Jesus in the form of a gold medallion around your neck. I know a friend who had his snatched while working at Stop and Shop while still a teenager. Rapper after rapper continues to reinforce this theme. You should listen to the song. It has a sample of Biggie Smalls. Cold Crush Stepping.

Stepping to the block with an ill chain, says the first emcee. "Stepping to the block with an ill chain." He has a picture of Rick James. Ran into Loraine. Put my hand up on your hip. This video features Northern Lights. He wakes up and he is passed out as if he is on a sedative, from the lovemaking; his gold chain is gone.

Next emcee.  He talks about bedazzles and diamonds, royalty fantasies. "You would figure homie had the money behind it;" this verse is about the vanity in the mirror, to make him feel bigger to justify pulling triggers, essentially; the rapper says, "Just don't be that *****."

Dooley-O has the rocking flow and biggest hands. 2:26 is when it begins. We aren't sure where this is filmed. "The holy medallion. Got your brain split up.  One to the torso, two to the chest. The Jesus piece put his monkey ass to rest. Figure he could misrepresent the holy figure. Idolized by idiots."

An interesting proposition from Dooley-O. Is it that the chain itself is dangerous to wear, not for its value, but for the blasphemy of wearing a gold chain. Next verse.

"Everything that shines is made from the dirt." What a good point. Tried to pawn it, forgot he bought it for a certain amount, dying over worthless. It wasn't made for this purpose when he heard this."

"So don't wear those chains, *****," says Dooley-O at the end of the song. Great piano line. Sleediz once again produces something off the charts; literally.

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