Das Food Schloggers

Pick up a Heischtin Food Schloggers T-Shirt Today!
Foresters frontman and graphic designer Evan Nork has created a new line of clothing based on the imaginary corporation Heischtin Food Schloggers.  The Teeshirts are available on TwiceStyle, the page where there are several other random designs for your fashion and amusement.

From Food Shloggers:
"Welcome Essen Schloggers taste of everything here twice Heischten's. Our quality food reviews are some of the critics in the world's largest food, let yu know what is best. Please be kind to your esophagus, our delicious blog. We are proud of this delicious treat. Our co-host, Wang Chung, has ensured that you will be most satisfied. In 1982 we started checking Chinese manufacturers and germ available to the public delicious food. It has no bacteria, it is clean."
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