Sampling and Music

 De La Soul VS the Turtles and so much more.

Some of the best quotes ever about sampling can be found in this video. Things spoken by particular people being interviewed. Meet the lawyer from the group The Turtles (with regard to suing De La Soul) and get a chance to witness music history repeat itself with sampling.

Sampling is the use of recorded music to create new recordings. The perpetual argument since the ability to sample music has been: is it plagiarism? The answer is so complicated that it may never be fully decided. This clip, clearly from an old VHS tape, was originally a report from MTV about sampling. You can hear Kurt Loder's voice in the background throughout. He starts talking about Cold Cut, some cheeseballs from Britain. They mixed down an Israeli singer (Ofra Haza) with Eric B with the Paid in Full beat. And so they're in the video.

Hang out with Prince Paul, showing how Public Enemy used Funky Drummer from James Brown. He looks like a little kid. Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff say "Rap and sampling made James Brown new again." However a big-haired music producer says "Unfortunately many people don't know that was Jamie's Crying" from the first Van Halen record." Debbie Gibson is also against it. Ice T clearly thinks it's cool. But Bob Clearmountain, producer, mentions the pricetag of the average sampler, and says it's "just not quite fair" that a single $300 piece of equipment can allow any kid in their basement to be as good as he is.

Kurt Loder hits back with a good point. Robert Plant sampled his own voice from Black Dog, a Zeppelin record in a newer "Tall Cool One" song. And Janet Jackson was sampling Sly and the Family Stone at the time of the video. Cold Cuts prefer samples over the factory presets. It's about the familiarity of something popular that's already been proven. Rob Base sampling Michael Jackson.

Don't Sample Tom Petty. He will not think it's cool. He thinks it's plagiarism. The law has yet to catch up with this new technology. "It's like trying to legislate against refrigerators," says Steve Winwood.

Russel Simmons has something to say about it. About having a sampled performer paid for being included. But it's still all about money. One of the most interesting things about this video, and for realz not much has really changed. Castor's lawyer holds adamantly against the Beastie Boys. In other words, if someone else is making money from

"What do you mean you stole my car from my backyard and put a kit on it and was driving it around because I wasn't driving it?" says LL Cool J. Lou Reed says the same about it. There ought to be a financial arrangement, they all say.