Mr. Sticky - It's Rhyme Time.

Sticky, the latest from shane mclellan on Vimeo. A classic summer throwback.

Have you ever been to the gas station on Howe and Crown? These guys have. They call him Mr. Sticky for some reason. He likes skateboarding to the gas station with a possee of miscreants. He is good at rapping and skating at the same time. Other places noted are Park Street and parts of Yale while under construction. "Smarter than an Einstein."

Ready when it's rhyme time. Pile on the duck sauce. Some decent skateboarding and BMXing going on. This should be the anthem for skateboarders and BMX'ers to get along. They both have gas stations in common. You might recognize some of these dudes.

Another good point about summer is Bonfires. They're classic. Lumberjack, frisbees. It's all here.

MISTER - "Sticky"

(Two.. Duchies)
(coin drops)
(thank you)
(snap board)
(scuse me)
yo yo

Gather round, gather round.
Every day's a fun day.
Strolling through life
So i treat it like a runway

Treat it like a vay-cay
gotta bring my A-game
nothing's ever steady;
hope you're ready when the days change.

Me, i'm in my next life, working towards a god's badge
steady smoking piffin with the wisdom that the gods have
smarter than an einstein, ready when it's rhyme time
Rile people up and bring it heavy like it's prime time.
Pile on the duck sauce, eat my fuckin' rangoons
Creeping when they're sleeping, wake em up and effin' hang goons.