Presents for you Peasants

Black Mask Nation *the motive exclusive
Yeah Baby!

(C.R.E.A.M. Sample) "A-1 Soldier"

[best interpretation]

Verse 1
See lately i've been meaning to hasten, i got no patience. Cause all that effing waiting, the reason you got forsaken. All these wack rappers complaining but they're complacent. While the BlackMaskNation invading Radio Stations. Now it's time to see the patience. DR. Dr. Dr. Drez like Wacak Flocka Rasta pigeons flocking just to talk about em. Stalking for a shop to spot us, be a man. Only way you seeing them? You can flip your television. We chilling on CNN. I'm about to tell a vision envision. I hope you react well.  I paint a picture of swishers I'm smoking a pastel, speaking to the future. You can't hear what the past tell, all the worst rappers stand out like a bad smell. Question: do you **'s need a lesson in this rap #***? Caressing S&W's I got blessings for you Catholics. Brought a couple presents for you peasants.  Underground Rap ***.

(1:12) Verse 2
These days, you need a tune for the radio. Dumbed down lyrics from a coon with a lazy flow. Talking bout how he copping cars and invaded homes, and don't forget that auto-tune joint about his Eighton **'s. And the dinero. Me and guerrero spitting thermo with the truth and the proof is the broken booth.  We got a different devotion, more social ) like oceans instead of rapping bout coking and gun toting. Shit in the mainstream goes against this man's dream. I'm gonna have to speak a different language like it's Mandarin. Yeah, I'm talking bout that Chinese. I wrote these lines in 6 seconds, with some fine ease.

Living 17 years, still don't know ** just hope they notice this young bro is onto some pro ***. Yo until this helixposed I don't know how that riddle go. Exiled individual. This child spitting spiritual.

[abridged due to time constrictions]