Tonight Downtown

Showcase of some rather slow metal noisy stuff going on at Lipgloss Crisis soon.  You ought not to miss it.  The location is the old Goldie and Libro music store, now taken over by Project Storefronts to bring you some local culture for you to devour.
The show starts at 7 and there are four bands. If you'd want to know what any of them sound like, don't worry because that's incredibly easy.
Below are 4 play buttons, with music embedded from each band's music page on Bandcamp.
Collect all four.
This is some audio from the band "Stone Titan"

Here's some local "Sea of Bones"

Here's some "Gowl"
And how about a little "Terminator2"

Safety Meeting Presents
(Sea of Bones, Stone Titan, Terminator2, Gowl)
Wednesday, Oct 23 7pm $5
756 Chapel St. New Haven CT
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