LipGloss Crisis @ Project Storefronts

Project Storefronts, a City Hall initiative to help local artists succeed, has given Sara Scranton, BKA LipGloss Crisis, the storefront space at 756 Chapel St. (See map below) for the sale of her vast assortment of artwork (See photos below, in addition to her website).

Sample of LipGloss Flyer
LipGloss is known for her excellent flyer art, which adorn many of the local music scene show promotional cards, often regarded as collector's items.  She is also known for her excellent photography and contribution to the burlesque scene, here in New Haven.

From her site bio:  "Lipgloss Crisis is a artist born and raised in the New Haven Area. Since childhood she has been armed with a crayon and glitter and always used art to express the crazy notions that go through her head. She studied Fine Art and Illustration at The Institute of Boston. The studying there only made her come to the realization that art doesn’t come from school or listening to what other people do. It comes from the everyday happenings of her life or tragedies that only come unexpected on a random Tuesday morning. Lipgloss Crisis enjoys a combination of the innocence and the ascetic of the 1950’s and the notion of what really happened behind closed doors. The whimsical beauty of childhood and the cold hard truth of being a adult. With her recent works these are very prominent subjects matters explored. There are two current projects. “Hind sights always bunny bunny” Which introduces whimsical characters accompanied with a chocolate Easter bunny who has had its ears bitten off. Also “American Circumstance” !950’s Barbie”s ala Lipgloss Crisis which forgo the ideal plastic life of the doll and puts her in real life situations. Lipgloss Crisis is other wise named Sara Scranton in everyday adult world where she works a lot as a wedding photographer or simply a waitress. That’s the basics of the girl armed with crayon and glitter. She isn’t to fond of talking much about her work……So its best to check it out yourself. The proof they say is in the pudding."

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