Craig Gilbert: Little Nell Poems

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The Little Nell Poems, by New Haven's own Craig Gilbert, is a book of illustrated poetry that you can find on Amazon.

Here are some reviews (from Amazon):

"...because a cute cartoon character (spoilers) get's murdered on every page. Clever poems and drawings fot those of us with a slighly twisted sense of humor."  
Thorfinn S. Splitter

"Charles Addams/Edward Gorey fans rejoice! The dry, twisted humor of the masters live on in the delightfully perverse mind of Craig Gilbert. Not a children's book (unless your child is Wednesday Addams), this small ebook contains delightful illustrations and accompanying poems about the Many Deaths of Little Nell. Lingering questions abound: where is volume 2? Does Little Nell have equally unlucky friends? Where can I get a Little Nell t-shirt?"
B. Shattuck

Any hints, Craig?  Any ideas?