Not A Real Show

Get em joe, Get em! Get em! Says Jonah to himself on occasion (frequently). What is it like to have an average day in Westville? The answer is something like this. A bunch of late twenty-somethings, still living life the way that they did for as long as they can remember. Things literally have not changed one bit since 1996, other than at some point, Jonah bought the next door neighbor's house, and now they have pool parties all the time.

Don't miss a moment. There will be talk about girls, and actual footage of girls hoola-hooping. It ain't Hulu, but this is the kind of entertainment that we plan on bringing to the table, your tablet, from our backyard and neighborhood. 

Westville Reality Miniseries is brought to you by Ford, Beer, Lawnmowers, and Final Cut Pro. Music was abducted from DJ Premiere by SpacePirate (mad respect to DJ Premiere, shout out). 

Expect more scenes like the ones you see here. Bunch of cheeseballs, you might say? Well you're right. Except now Dom owns my whole company because I sold it to him for a beer. This is a story about firepits, backyards, and fixing cars. Here, Connecticut style.

And no, this program isn't sponsored by any real company. Yes, we film it ourselves and put it up on the Townie Blog. No, it doesn't really have anything to do with music but it's performance art. Sort of.