Nashville Band Next Month.

The Howlin’ Brothers  are playing Anna Liffeys on Thursday, May 2nd [Events Page

Meet The Howlin’ Brothers, a Nashville-based band that likes to keep one foot in tradition — and use the other to kick it right out the door. On Howl, their first album for Brendan Benson’s Readymade Records label dispel the myth that Nashville means just country. We can also forget the words rock and pop, regardless of what their association with Raconteur Benson, who produced, might imply. (Although, we must note, they do rock — just not according to, um, tradition).

“They are authentic and the real deal through and through.”
- Brendan Benson of the Racontours

 “They juxtapose many forms of traditional music together: country blues, bluegrass, folk, gospel, to create a very fresh and unique sound that is completely their own.”
- Bill Hurley/The Alternate Root TV

 “They are content to not worry with the current contemporary music scene and just build their own.” - Warren Haynes

“Tennessee trio The Howlin’ Brothers offer a distinctly bluegrass take on the blues, adding upright bass, fiddle and banjo to covers of greats such as Muddy Waters as well as pumping out original foot stompers."
 - Time Out Chicago

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