Lipgloss Crisis @Storefronts

Flyer Credit:  LipGlossCrisis.Com

Sara Scranton, more popularly known for her hit series of flyers and wedding photography, has been accepted for a "Project Store Front."  While not exactly sure what that means, the more vital information is that you can raise funds for it.  Sunday, on April 7th at 250 State Street, more popularly known as @CafeNine, all afternoon you can see the music of Stefanie Harris, Matt Stokes, and at 5pm there will be something known as Burlesque.

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The project is at $25 of her $2500 goal.  Rewards include buttons and cards, as well as a guaranteed spot in the "Patron Saint" collection for $150.  If I had the money, I would do this.  LipGloss Crisis would use the money to buy more LipGloss.

April 7th, folks.  That's not this Sunday but next Sunday.

Bonus:  You can also win art by LipGloss Crisis (Such as the beautiful girl you see in this flyer) as well as a photoshoot.  And... more!!

Check sites like CafeNine.Com and LipGlossCrisis, as well as ProjectStorefronts, for details.