Write For This Site

The point of this site is to get people who dont ordinarily go to shows to go to shows, basically.  Think of it this way.  When you post an event on Facebook, it's only visible to people who you're already friends with.  If the scene is ever going to expand, meaning that you'd be playing in front of a group beyond the one you're familiar with, people are going to have to start reaching outside of their existing friends group, and that's the point of this site.  If you googled 'new haven music scene' (this site shows up at the bottom of that list but contains the most original content) you would get a site where people are posting information about events, footage from live shows, and music videos.  And all of that stuff is floating around, disorganized and lost in the shuffle of Facebook.

It's a site where you could find out information about what happened to Cutlers.  Or where to buy records from, or what bands you might like, and where to see shows.  Otherwise, this town is just going to become Yale City where nobody has any say in anything and all ideas come from some thinktank that we have no control over.

Anyone can post simply by (1) having a Gmail account and (2) filling out the form below.  You don't have to be a super genius to post, but it might have helped a little to have read the previous paragraph to understand why it's worth your time.  Then maybe this site will actually be worth reading and it won't be associated as belonging to an individual, but becoming a real community that's publicly accessible.

This site has already accomplished the following:

And why?   There is no revenue.  There are no financial incentives.  The whole purpose has been to make life more interesting but to be honest, it's only been, for me, what everyone anticipates and what stops others from participating in contributing content- it's been a huge pain in the ass.