Boo Slick (Episode 2)

Episode 2: Rapping On The Mountain from Boo Slick Show on Vimeo.

Part 3, Mark talks about local HipHop history, where he has a place. As a record dealer, his goal is to replace the neighborhood with music. DJ Remarkable worked in the back room at Cutler's (The Old Cutlers of 1995-era music). The back was more spacious than the entire store in later years. Mark stood all day behind two turntables that were constantly playing. He kept them spinning all day, and if you wanted to listen to a record, he'd actually fade it into the mix pretty nice, with a little bit of style. Maybe a bit of tweaking.  He talked about his experience selling records to some of the great musicians who travelled to Toads Place to play shows. Folks including Grandmaster Caz, Maceo from De La Soul, and many more.  Mark is a pretty awesome Deejay, but he's also a good person. That's why he's friends with The Real Jahmal Henderson. As we grow older, we learn how to look out for one another. Through making music and sharing with our friends, we gain a better understanding.
Mark now works for a local hospital, where he has risen in the ranks of administration for his timeliness and calculating skills.