Napkin Art, Turntables, and Firehouse 12

Tonight (Wednesday August 15th) at Firehouse, the planned DJ's are: 

Space Pirate - - Performing an old school mix of records from way back in the day, along with some light projections of Dan Googan's cult classic, Burger Town.  SpacePirate is primarily a mash-up audiovisual project, but for tonight it's just going to be a guy playing good records.

Phemale - - Boasting 14 albums and 139 tracks  of recorded music on the Free Music Archive.

Both musicians in their own right, with a propensity for collecting records.  Below is more information about each.  You can imagine that their DJ Sets will be very similar to their produced material.

SideTrack:  Napkin Art

Local Artist Rob Greenberg and his famous Crocs (site)
Napkins and artists have a long tradition of working together, possibly due to the relation between napkins and drinks.  People in New Haven have a tendency to gather at certain locations and draw things, regardless of the discernment of those around.

One such place to do this with minimal backlash from the art-unfriendly is to join the Napkin Art Club at Firehouse 12, which runs congruently with the initiation of the new "Unspun" series, where local folks with their own vinyl records can play these things for other folks to listen to.

"No top forty bullshit," says 'Los, the bartender who recently acquired two Technics 1200 Turtables, which have been recently been taken out of production.  This move was probably one of the last times a new set of Technics Turntables might ever be affordable.
According to Wikipedia:

Originally released as a high fidelity consumer record player, it quickly became adopted among radio and club disc jockeys, thanks to the direct drive high torque motor design, making it, initially, suitable for pushbutton queuing and starting of tracks on radio. Latterly, when the use of slip-mats for cueing and beat-mixing (and scratching) became popular, the quartz-controlled high torque motor system came into its own. 

As a sidetrack to this comment, here are some more recent napkins found at Firehouse 12: