Three Sheets Softball Team Wins (Again)

New to the roster of local softball teams this year, local dive Three Sheets is performing phenomenally well for a first year team. "We were really surprised," said pitcher Billy Bo Beckens, who said plainly, "because we all thought we sucked." The team takes pride in their New Haven heritage.
 Celebrating a victory after a softball game is nothing new at Three Sheets. Did we mention, they're also a dog-friendly, people-friendly bar. In spite of the neighborhood's tough reputation, you're likely to engage yourself in some kind of weird conversation as artists, construction workers, teachers, and your everyday average degenerate celebrate the end of their day together at this neighborhood pub.

You can catch their team in action at Blake field and sometimes at East Shore, usually on Mondays. For more information on how to play for their team, talk to your local bartender.