CT's Fauxchella New Website

CT's Fauxchella coming up on May 3rd 2014 in Hamden, CT is back for their third year and the line up and bigger and better than ever. Boasting 33 bands on 4 stages in just one day, this is your chance to catch all of the regions best acts in one whooping day of non-stop music, art, food, and fun.

Held at 295 Treadwell Plaza, CT's Fauxchella utilizes The Space, Outer Space, Spaceland Ballroom, as well as this years outdoor beer garden stage and a wide array of art displays in between.

Tickets go on sale this friday 3/21 at noon, check out the line up on their new website:

The powerhouse quintet's live show has been described by critics and fans alike as "lethal funk", "explosive", "jaw dropping", and "musically mesmerizing".
Age and a total of four full-lengths haven’t mellowed Pissed Jeans; they can still unleash a blare that will exfoliate your cochlea

Barman’s virtuosic and imaginative songs about vulture shark sculpture parks, anarchist bookstores, and cock mobsters create a wild, fascinating world where almost anything can happen.
Igniting crowds around the world, Ceschi embodies the spirit of a true showman - proving to us that one man can do it all.
McLovins specialize in the creation of dynamic and improvised sound, influenced by the members' disparate and eclectic musical influences
Conjuring a virtual indie rock orchestra out of their two members, Bad Veins emerged from the Cincinnati scene in the late-2000s with a diverse sound slyly incorporating electro, space rock, new wave, goth, and shoegaze.

Armand Hammer (billy woods & Elucid)
Philly and D.C. kids, Elucid, Billy Woods, rapping as Armand Hammer, ripping wisdom-filled one liners all over the place.
Becky asked Floyd to record and produce her first solo album, and as soon as they hit the studio, chemistry and dynamics between the two sparked the evolution of an artistic partnership, VIOLENT MAE.
Whether on stage or on record, Boston electronic-pop quartet, Bearstronaut, has made a name in their hometown for sparking instant dance parties.
Fake Babies is a band of musicians that grew into a collaboration of producers, or, Fake Babies is a group of producers that come together as a band. either way they are banded together, and they fucking produce.
Tropics, joy. Down to earth tones, hanging out with your friends all day to forget routine. Thinking of what should be, staying inside. Missing the one, swimming against waves [...]
Chalk Talk sounds like the musical equivalent to not cleaning your room for an entire year.
Wess Meets West move beyond any number of noisy “post rock” contemporaries in an attempt to harness a deeper narrative, one imbued with both history and odyssey.
Connecticut hardcore weirdos have been called "the craft beer of hardcore". A wide array of skills and influences crammed into one solid set of jams.
Fast-paced and experimental, catchy, Ports of Spain present the listener with a sound standing firmly on the cutting edge, but with a feeling so natural one wonders why no ones done it before.
Canadian electronic-pop trio, PARALLELS, conjures classic pop sentiments of neon nights with songs that transport the past into a modern context, just as grey fades into color on Polaroid film.

Political Animals 
With break dancers, DJ's, and a full backing band, these Animals dive headfirst into their riffs and rhythms.
With a sound of their own and a live performance as intense as any, Rusty Things is soon to be your favorite band.

Sarcasmo f/ Googie 
With a sound of their own and a live performance as intense as any, Rusty Things is soon to be your favorite band.
With a flammable Apple computer, Two Human's channel their inner Hummus and make some sad-bop indie rock that will make you dance til you cry and cry til you dance.
Connecticut's premiere math rock band with dance-able grooves, Langosta is one that you don't want to miss.
Snooty is a decadently molten, soul metal- jazz-funky-reggae-rock confection. The whole group shares in the composing and arranging of original work, which makes each live performance uniquely delicious.

The Backyard Committee
The Backyard Committee is an improvisational roots rock band from New Haven, Connecticut. They specialize in ever-evolving song interpretations and putting on one-of-a-kind, spontaneous performances. Particularly in and around New England where they live.
With an intensity rooted in the creative tradition of 80’s underground and 90’s alternative, 
WONDERBREED forges forth with a level of sonic power increasingly rare in today’s indie scene.
Siul Hughes gives such a smooth flow with a mellow voice that pleases the ear. Everything starts as a vision and Hughes bases his work on bringing his visions to life.
With a recipe of influences, from The Breeders, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hole, Ty Segall, The Ventures, to early Black Sabbath, Brooklyn-based Sharkmuffin has evolved their super-heavy, noise-punk-meets-psychedelic power pop.
4 guys who inarguably make music. If you were to hear them, you would definitely pick up on the musical music notes of the music.


Like minded musical minds unite for some rock music and self destructive behavior

Kyle Flynn and The Vespers Nine 
Kyle Flynn and The Vespers Nine is an American indie rock band founded by singer-songwriter and guitarist Kyle Flynn.

CT-raised, Brooklyn-based producer and DJ with a taste for all things funky. Strongly dedicated to playing songs you won't hate.

Trip hop sample selector and button pusher

Northern Lights
Hip Hop trio and production duo from New Haven, CT featuring New9000, Don D, and Rod Fuego

Connecticut Fauxchella 2014
Saturday May 3rd 2:00pm doors
@ The Space / Outer Space / The Ballroom / Outer Space Patio
Sponsored by Manic Productions
Tickets: $18 adv //
*Age restrictions apply