Smoovy™ Back At It Again (Video)

If you don't know where she is, it's probably because Smoovy™ is with your girl again. The only rapper brave enough to be outside in a teeshirt with all this snow around once more is Smoovy™. He takes you from the front porch to the middle of the street in this brand new rhyme.

"They mad because I took their girl. She will not propose to you. I use her up, she do my work, and then I send her back to you." It sounds like somebody is looking for interns.

If you're a lady and you are looking for an internship, you can start applying by favouriting a few of Juszsmoove's tweets. There's also some exclusive footage of Smoovy™ signing his record contract and performing at local venues. Subsequently, your man will get mad at you, but there's nothing to worry about. He will have you back by the end of the weekend.

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