BlackMaskNation & AreaBDK

Rap @TheSpacect (MissCleo/TedTalk RMx) from #NHV Music Scene on Vimeo.

Big ups to the ones who go on live Sunday nights and give a good performance. Tons of Links. Lots of shout-outs. Be sure also to dig thru the LocalScene Crates by searching for terms like BlackMaskNation, Rap Music, and more.

Additional footage from Miss Cleo Commercials, as well as a Ted Talk by Michael Porter
Background beat from the 90's (quiz: name it!)_

Interviews provided by DJ Remarkable and Boo Slick.
Additional Editing from @RealSpacePirate.





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UniVSol also performed that evening.

You can watch some of the additional footage here. Miss Cleo is said to be Youree Dell Harris (born August 12, 1962), better known as Miss Cleo, is an American psychic and alleged shaman who achieved fame as a spokeswoman for a psychic pay-per-call service from 1997 to 2003.

Michael Porter is a Princeton/Harvard guy who develops competitive business strategies. He's an author and consultant in the business world. He's not particularly masterful at powerpoint presentations.

BlackMaskNation is from Hamden, CT and AreaBDK is from Bloomfield, CT and expressed an interest in Skateboarding. Porter speaks of the scarcity of resources in the advanced world, and yet so much talent gets overlooked. In the business world, there hardly seems a need for rap music and skateboarders. "All wealth is actually created by business.  Business creates wealth when it meets needs at a profit that leads to taxes and leads to incomes and leads to charitable donations.  Only business can create resources. Business creates them when it's able to meet a need at a profit."

"The resources are overwhelmingly generated by business. The question is, how do we tap into this? Business generates resources when it makes a profit. That profit is that small difference between the price and the cost it takes to produce whatever solution business has created to whatever problem they're trying to solve. But that profit is the magic.  Why? Because that profit allows whatever solution we've created to be infinitely scaled. Because if we can make a profit, we can do it for 10, 100, a Million, a hundred million, a billion.  The solution becomes self-sustaining. That's what business does when it makes a profit."

I think he's arguing for less sharing.  That's not how the internet works.  Michael Porter: call me now! Let's talk about this social field!  I'll meet you under the bridge, where we all live in a sleeping bags.

Business makes a profit by creating social problems!  Yay!