Squash Players Get Served

Recently some students left a nasty note for a waitress, and no tip.  Unfortunately she was able to identify them as Yale Squash players and presented the information to their coach.  She wrote the following:


I am currently a waitress at a busy downtown restaurant while I put myself through school. I show up every night, work pretty hard and attend class during the day. Being in the service industry has its ups and downs, I understand that people won't always treat you with the respect you deserve. I didn't however expect the note your boys left me at the top of their bill for last night. What I got to read was "you were a brutal waitress. Jesus, a complete c*nt". I almost laughed reading it out of sheer shock! I went over everything I said to them while they were there, and I'm completely positive that not one thing deserved such disgusting language. My manager was equally horrified. For two men to be so rude, while wearing their Yale Athletics gear, is a poor representation of your team, your school, and your sport. Even the fact that they didn't tip is manageable, that word though is unacceptable. I would usually save my time and not even bother with any sort of retaliation, this however was an unfair attack and I will not stand to be talked to that way or to be made to feel uncomfortable at my own job. I hope you see to it that they understand how important it is to treat other human beings with respect, let alone how awful it is to use the word 'c*nt' to a woman. 

Response from coach:

Trying to call but having an issue. I am absolutely ashamed of this incident. [One male] is no longer at yale but [the other] is, and I have already contacted him. I will be suspending him from the team. This is the most unacceptable incident that I have ever been part of.  If you still have that note, I would like to have a copy to send to his employer who is a friend of mine.  I am so very sorry for what is absolutely deplorable behavior. I am ashamed and sad for these guys. Will call you later today. 

Parts of the article have been abridged to preserve identities but the point is the story.   The waitress wanted to reinforce that the coach was commended for his quick and respectful actions.  And it's not about who these people are, but rather about the consequences of disrespectful behavior.  

Let that be a warning to all non-tipping offensive students in sports jackets everywhere!