Fast Food Satire Art

Jimmy's on Whalley Avenue
"It's not about raising money," says graffiti crew members.  "It's about making art."

Hi Cru did a huge wall for Jimmy's Hip Hop Clothing Store on Whalley Avenue recently, in the theme of blue and yellow.  It's on display at the Burger King Drive-Thru window, and features some satirical references to fast food.

Hi Cru, better known for its wall on Water Street, got permission via the owners of the building, and came out of pocket to provide the materials for the project.  They are a Connecticut-based self-taught graffiti crew.  Then again, who in graffiti is not self-taught?
In the window of Burger King

A Hi Cru Burger "King"
You can catch the images from the reflection in the BK window.  It even makes transparent surfaces remarkably more fresh.  I didn't have a chance to see what the people at Burger King had to say about it, but my guess is that it would probably be a mixture of admiration and confusion.  Because on one hand, it probably makes people more excited about going to that particular fast food place, due to the exciting shapes and colors, although the message of the mural itself clearly pokes fun at fast food culture.  Take for example the overweight man with the undersized shirt, squeezing a burger.
View from the Drive-Thru for Burger King

DOA Soda, sarcastically splashing everywhere

Another Burger Man.

Original Artwork. 

Wide Shot

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