New Videogame Release

Stereomedia has released a new game called "Drone Striker" which features the latest Iranian Stealth Fighter Jet.  The goal of the game is to shoot down US drones.  And the gamers of North Korea and Iran are now convinced that they are controlling real ships.

"I took out eight today.  And I know that's only fifteen billion dollars and cost no lives.  But it was fifteen billion American dollars."

"The drone I shot down was actually more valuable than my entire country's GDP.  So we tried to find it, but nobody could figure out where it landed after it was shot it down in the game.  I think it was near a mountain."

The game is a one player first person shooter.  Players are told at the beginning of the game that they are flying a real plane.  The plane is the Iranian Stealth Fighter Jet which was announced this month.

The game is only available in Iran and North Korea yet became bootlegged and popular in the markets of Kabul.  It became a huge success on the Pakistani border, where helpless children felt empowered to aide their nation's defense by playing the game, succeeding (at least in theory) of stopping the drones.

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